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Below just a few tracks from the album   Forever in blue jeans

I am I said

If you were only here with me

The CD Diamond’s n’ Mine consists of a compilation of some of Neil Diamond’s best loved songs and a selection of Gary’s own compositions.

1: Longfellow Serenade (N. Diamond)

2: September Morn (N. Diamond & A. Lindgren)

3: Desire’ (N. Diamond)

4: Love On The Rocks (N. Diamond)

5: Hello Again (N. Diamond & A. Lindgren)

6: A Better Man (G. Ryan)

7: Treat Her Like A Lady (G. Ryan)

8:This One’s For You (G. Ryan)

9: If You Were Only Here With Me (G. Ryan)

10: Head Over Heel’s (G. Ryan)

11: If I Hadn’t Done That (G.Ryan)

12: Forever In Blue Jeans (N. Diamond & R. Bennett)

13: Cracklin’ Rosie (N. Diamond)

14: Sweet Caroline (N. Diamond)

15: I Am… I Said (N. Diamond)

16: I’m Glad You’re Here With Me Tonight (N. Diamond)